Coober Pedy Fossil Opal .70 cts


This Coober Pedy Fossil Opal is a good piece to collect or set in a pendant or ring.

Opal Specifications:

Weight: 0.70 ct

Dimensions: 7.2 x 6 x 2.2  mm

Body Tone: N5
Brightness: B5
Cut: oval
Colours: blue, purple, red





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This Coober Pedy Fossil Opal Shell fragment displays a gorgeous and bright broad flash of green/blue. Shaped into an oval to preserve as much as the natural shape allowed. Weighsing 0.70 ct, this piece would make a beautiful ring, collector’s piece, or dainty necklace.

Inclusions: Micro sand spots as pictured.

Sourced from Justin Lange (Outback Opal Hunters https://7plus.com.au/outback-opal-hunters)

Inclusions: sand in the face as seen in the product image.

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Please note:

Priced in AUD

All images and videos are taken under white light to provide the best real-life presentation of the opal and are not edited or misleading.

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