Top 10 Tips for buying Opal Jewellery


Buying Opal Jewellery that’s Handmade vs Mass produced

Buying Opal jewellery online can be tricky. So, in this blog we’ve outlined a few things to consider before you buy as well our personal top 10 tips to make sure you get a great deal and most importantly a piece of jewellery you will be happy with.

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There’s a big difference between and handmade and mass produced jewellery in many ways. Whilst the consistency of mass produced jewellery is an expectation, the jewellery is often not produced using quality or ethical materials or labour and will often not last a life time. In comparison, handmade jewellery is unique, made with care and is made to last using ethical materials by creators who are paid a living wage. So, you know that by buying opal jewellery that’s handmade you’re supporting businesses with ethical practises.

Buying opal jewellery that’s handmade ensures you always get exactly what you want rather than settling for something that has been mass-produced. Another benefit of buying handmade jewellery is that it is significantly higher in quality than mass made jewellery and is often ;less expensive and it is custom, one a kind and created specifically for you.

A jeweller making a handmade piece has a reputation to protect and will take meticulous care to produce a piece of jewellery that exceeds your expectation. On the other hand, larger retail stores target the masses and their core focus lies with the profits rather than the product.

You are also more certain that the materials used are of a high quality.

When buying opal jewellery (handmade), you work directly with someone that manufactures your jewellery and understands your desires rather than a store clerk who knows little to nothing about jewellery manufacture.

Big business retailers often claim lower prices but what you’re really paying for is substandard quality. It’s therefore important that you know exactly what you buy when comparing prices.

It can be hard to find the ideal opal gemstone or piece of jewellery for you if there isn’t a great range to choose from, that’s why we offer a broad selection of high quality opal products at affordable price points.

We offer silver and gold custom works via our custom ring page at:

At The Good Opal co, we only use solid gold and silver and create all ring stones from the rough, ethically sourced from Australian miners.

Our Top 10 Tips to Buying Opal Jewellery online

  • Shop small, you’re opal jewellery is much more likely to be made with real opal and with quality care.
  • If you don’t see what you like, talk to the creator, they will most likely be happy to help make something that’s just right for you.
  • Solid opal is best. Whilst doublets and triplets can be a great option to creating budget beautiful pieces solid opals are best because they last the longest. Taken care of, a solid opal can last a lifetime.
  • If you’re buying an opal to set in jewellery, be sure it’s real and not lab made! manmade opal has been marketed by big retailers as natural opal. This is a growing problem for the Australian opal industry as synthetic stones are becoming increasingly available worldwide.
  • If  you’re shopping for an opal and it doesn’t say whether the opal is solid or not, ask. You don’t want to be paying for a solid opal and receive a doublet or a triplet. To the laymen, sometimes a doublet or triplet can be mistaken for a solid opal. This becomes even trickier to determine if the opal is bezel set. So, it’s always better to ask. If you’re still unsure once you’ve bought an item there are a few things you can do.
  • If the opal appears like the top is a window, looking into an opal or looks magnified in anyway, it is most likely a triplet. A Triplet will also look like glass and it will feel less polished to the touch.
  •  If the piece of jewellery has an open back and the black packing is shiny or glass like it is most likely a doublet or triplet.
  • 925 doesn’t always means the jewellery is real silver so buy from trusted stores. In general, if you’re in Australia, you should purchase opal jewellery from Australian businesses. It greatly reduces the chances of being scammed and most importantly supports Australian businesses providing quality handmade products.
  • Check your ring size before you buy. If you’re unsure, contact the maker for help.